In HoReCa, the guest is the boss, and a good accountant and advisor – the guardian of capital.

Knowing Hotel, Tourism & Hospitality

Strategic financial and optimal tax advice with integrated accounting function; verification of inventory existence.

Hotels, tourism and hospitality companies have experienced significant disruption in recent year(s). AirBNB, increasing competition and review platforms have given cheaper choice and ability to critique to customers with both positive and negative experiences. Owners and operators of hotels, resorts, restaurants, clubs and tourist attractions face diverse challenges relating to changes in employment regulations and relations, business operations and management of personal and property risks.

By teaming up with clients, we provide support that is essential not only for creating added value to hotels, but also in assisting them to generate profit that is higher compared to hotel sector average. We strive constantly to provide unparalleled support to hotel business, thus enabling clients to focus on the core of it the guest – because we know very well that financial results are just a reflection of previous activities and that only satisfied guest is a guarantee of success in the future.

Leaders that focus on delivering high levels of customer service, building and maintaining brand awareness, maximizing revenues with occupancy and rate management, managing guest loyalty, utilizing human resources and using technology to effectively market and manage inventory such as rooms, seats, tables and vehicles are able to thrive in this changing landscape.

Members of our team have extensive experience that has been confirmed in numerous projects carried in Serbia, as well as internationally.

We can support hotels, tourism and hospitality companies with:

  • Building a financial model for a hotel
  • Complete local bookkeeping supervised by our CFO on demand
  • Budget development, review and approval - CAPEX & OPEX
  • Tailor made reporting to management
  • Controlling and assurance on behalf of owners/management
  • Inventory management and stocktaking
  • Selected or comprehensive services of AccountingTaxCorporate FinanceInternal AuditBusiness Consulting, and/or Audit


The outcomes of our service solutions allow our HoReCa clients not to stress about financial processes and to focus on what is most important for their business – the guest loyalty – while we assure them accurate financial information, optimal tax position and inventory existane verification.