National security and economic growth are tied to affordable and abundant energy sources.

Knowing Electric Power & Natural Resources

Sound accounting and financial function needed to navigate the challenging terrain of regional markets with massive potential.

Energy commodity markets are among the most volatile markets in the world. Electricity, natural gas, crude oil and coal have all experienced significant volatility – which creates opportunities to drive profitability, operational excellence and positive cash flows. Utilities, pipelines, and water companies are tasked with providing services to their customers at low cost, while maintaining near perfect records for reliability. Many large-scale projects are currently underway in the countires of our interest – especially wind and solar.

Various counterparts within the sector face many of the same risks: environmental health and safety, facility maintenance, capital project management, business continuity and timing and complexity of government authorizations.

Our experienced professionals help electric power and natural resources companies identify, measure, and manage their regulatory, financial, operational, and technology-related risks.

We can support electric power and natural resources businesses with:


The outcomes of our service solutions provide clear, concise and relevant advice to help electric power and natural resources companies assure truthful financial reporting, set optimal tax position, identify, measure, and manage various risks, as well as to improve operating efficiency and effectiveness.