When public and private sectors combine resources – more can be achieved.

Knowing Public Sector

Innovative financial and risk management solutions for civic benefit.

Public sector organizations are having to change the way they deliver services, not only as a response to the need to save costs, but also to provide high quality services that meet the demands of an ever-discerning public and megatrends. Governments are pressed to shift towards becoming more integrated, outward focused and making better and greater use of technology.

Financial management in the public sector is complex. Multiple, sometimes conflicting, short- and long-term priorities must be addressed. Prudent budgets, managed borrowings and tax policies need to be balanced against support for economic growth, investment in infrastructure and increasing demands for public services.

Our experts provide advice on the effectiveness of strategic financial planning and financial management and review existing operating models and its controlling mechanisms to identify opportunities to improve performance and reduce cost.

We also foresee that public-private partnerships shall become the delivery model of choice for new infrastructure developments in the countries of our interest, with governments viewing these partnerships as a way to complete projects on time and on budget and as a means to attract foreign investment in infrastructure, environmental, health or education programs.

On the group level, we have extensive international experience in the procurement, negotiation, financing, and governance of public-private partnerships, in both mature and emerging markets.

We can support public sector with:

  • Public sector financial management advisory services
  • Performance & efficiency
  • Strategy, policy analysis and program evaluation
  • Digital transformation
  • Major project advisory
  • Public-private partnerships advisory
  • EU funds audit
  • EU funds advisory services
  • Selected or comprehensive services of AccountingTaxCorporate FinanceInternal AuditBusiness Consulting, and/or Audit


The outcomes of our service solutions for public sector improve financial management function and controlling mechanisms of public organizations.