The drive towards sustainable business and environment as one goal.

Knowing Paper, Packaging & Recycling

Meaningful relationships with key market practioners.

Governments and industry organizations address the severe energy and resource issues related to this sector and its impact on the environment with shared desire to conserve the Earth’s forest resources and use them as wisely as possible. Improving operating efficiency and effectiveness, eliminating waste and reducing costs are priorities in order to stay competitive.

We understand the packaging market across the entire value chain – from raw materials to equipment, product forms and brand owners – and we partner with companies seeking to grow or invest successfully in this sector.

Besides our traditional practices, we help clients grow and invest successfully, focusing on M&A support services, growth strategy development, post-merger integration, operational improvement and market evaluation work.

Our meaningful relationships with key market practioners allow us to advise corporate and private equity clients across the entire value chain.

We can support paper, packaging and recycling businesses with:


The outcomes of our service solutions provide clear, concise and relevant advice to help paper, packaging and recycling businesses assure truthful financial reporting and optimal tax position, as well as to improve operating efficiency and effectiveness.