Serbian automotive industry has a tradition of more than 70 years. We have been actively supporting industrial development for two decades – from Zastava to Fiat.

Knowing Automotive

Accurate cost of production, integrating software and addressing tax-related issues.

Changing consumer demands and high barriers to entry make the automotive industry highly competitive globally. Managing operating costs continues to be a key driver for large manufacturers and Serbia has profiled itself as a good environment for automotive manufacturers and suppliers due to good technical labour and siginificant government incentives.

Auto manufacturers and suppliers are constantly developing more flexible manufacturing processes and are requiring flexible and proactive partners when entering new markets such as Serbia.

We work collaboratively with automotive manufactures in Serbia and countries of our interest to develop a better response to changing consumer and vendor demands while improving overall enterprise value through our accounting, tax and corporate finance solutions.

Our processes and remote access to documents, invoices and reports can be integrated with the logistics and warehousing, production, sales, and personnel and payroll aspects of clients’ own ERP system.

We can support national and multinational automotive manufacturers with:


Through integrated relationship with processes of our clients who act as global auto manufacturing suppliers, the outcomes of our service solutions contribute to production efficiency and cost optimization.