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Knowing Pharmaceuticals, Medical Products & Healthcare

The accounting and finance function which develops and prepares for the next step.

Global and regional pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare companies face a range of challenges – disputes over intellectual property, adherence to evolving government regulation and parallel trade challenges, to name only a few. Great opportunity exists as well. Growth is possible through strategic acquisitions, joint ventures, licensing, distribution, supply agreements, and international trade.

With our proven regional capabilities, including deep experience in EU regimes, we understand the business, and legal intricacies that pharmaceutical and healthcare companies face on a daily basis. We work with leading national and regional players in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector on their accounting, tax, assurance and business needs.

In Serbia and Balkan countries, we have been supporting clinical research companies to establish cross border businesses through our offices in multiple countries and consistent service approach.

We are qualified to execute SOX compliance audits and to address risks and control issues across the corporate value chain of pharmaceutical companies.

Our deep and longstanding connections with our clients ensure that our professionals bring genuine commercial knowledge in pharma and healthcare to each challenge. Our singular focus on understanding our clients' success and long-term strategies sets us apart. We commit to fully understanding our clients' businesses – their financial considerations and risk tolerance, as well as the competitive and regulatory environments in which they operate.

We can support pharmaceuticals, medical products & healthcare companies with:


The outcomes of our service solutions contribute to overall compliance and developement of our pharma and medical clients, adding value for potential M&A opportunity.